Empowering Grandparents: A Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Many grandparents give full-time care for their grandchildren; others have daily or weekly responsibility for after-school care. Some carry out their responsibilities in multigenerational situations where grandparents live with parents and children. Often, they must quickly step-up when a parent dies, is incarcerated, is diagnosed with physical or emotional illness or is found to be struggling with addiction. Immediately after assuming responsibility they are confronted with legal issues, the child’s medical issues, a child dealing with emotional and/or learning problems, drug abuse in the family, etc. Such situations can be overwhelming, leaving grandparents feeling isolated and not knowing where to find information. Help is here!

The goal of this booklet is to empower grandparents by providing them the knowledge and resources to meet the challenges and responsibilities in ‘parenting grandchildren.’ You are giving your grandchild the gift of stability and a loving family that is already familiar to them.



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